Here Are Some Important Details about Useless Websites

The word "useless" may make you imagine that these websites are in reality of no use. But to tell the truth, this is not always true. These websites are infact quite useful. A few of these useless websites are exceptionally good marketing tools.

In case you are interested to learn in information about the various benefits of these useless websites, you'll be able to go through the discussion given below:
1) These useless websites are secret SEO weapons
After a research with as much as 141 useless websites, it has been found that websites like these perform very well from the perspective of an SEO. Websites like these have as much as 277 linking root domains. This is interesting because these websites are exceptionally good linking baits. These web sites have 12651 back-links on an average. There is certainly one such site that has 450346 backlinks. Initially you could be of you can find simply linking baits, however, after sometime you may realize that they've got excellent organic search traffic numbers as well. There are a total of 1200 organic keywords and 68% of them are among the top 100 keywords.
2) Always number of words is not important
Websites like these have bored button that draws as many as 244054 visitors from the organic search every month. The target page has as many as 82 words. Therefore, the issue that arises here is how can it then rank well for so many keywords? The answer is firstly, up to 92% of the linking root domains hit the house page regularly. Secondly the site has excellent user signals like people bookmarking on chrome, dwell time etc. Thirdly, this is a partial match domain. This means that most of the users maneuver around the word, "bored". Most of the SEO experts are of the opinion when synonyms can be used for a particular word, this becomes unique, but that is actually incorrect. Unique is one thing one of its kind.
In case you are getting bored, then its a good idea to join to bored button. This can be one of the best useless website available. You'll certainly love it.

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